#SaveUKRAINE! Ukraine is crying!

The project is carried out by
Charitable Fund "United World Cultures Foundation" (UWCF)
Required amount: 100 000,00 UAH
It remains to collect/ reach: 89 591,71 UAH
About the project

The morning of February 24th was not good for Ukraine at all! The war has come to Ukraine!

Heavy fighting is now going on in many cities and districts of our state. Children are victims of this conflict, losing their homes, schools, friends and family, and their dreams shattered, but we know that we are protecting our homeland, our family and the future of our children.

Our medics are selflessly saving thousands of lives in every corner of the country under fire from bullets, rockets and explosions.

Special coordination centers have been set up throughout Ukraine for those who have been forced to leave their homes, and they are dealing with resettlement and humanitarian aid. Schools, dormitories and sanatorium are used to resettle migrants, and they are just concerned citizens trying to resettle families in their own homes.

In addition, many people, including children have not been able to leave the cities where the fighting is taking place, and they also need our help.

All funds raised will be used to provide the population with food, medicine, hygiene products, baby food, beds, blankets, clothes etc. And also for the needs of hospitals and emergency medical institutions, which are the first to provide care and enter the fight for the life and health of Ukrainians.

Peace to Ukraine!